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Cassie Chan

The Pink Turbo Ranger Story
Cassie is a music loving and somewhat sarcastic teenager. This unlikely hero has become the Pink Ranger on the current Power Rangers team. Cassie moved to the Angel Grove/Stone Canyon area to pursue her dream of breaking into the music business. On her way she met T.J. whom she quickly befriended. Cassie was soon dragged into heping T.J. rescue Katherine the former Pink Turbo Ranger and Tommy the former Red Turbo Ranger. Katherine, sensing a kindred spirit in Cassie chose her to take her place on the Power Rangers Turbo team as the Pink Ranger. Cassie can be skeptical of trying new things or rushing into danger but once she is committed to something she follows it through all the way. When Divatox destroyed the Power Chamber and the Turbo powers, Cassie along with her fellow Rangers blasted off for outer space in a N.A.S.A.D.A. Space Shuttle to try and rescue Zordon. Along the way they encountered Andros who granted Cassie new powers making her the Pink Lightstar Ranger. As the Pink Turbo Ranger Cassie controlled the Wind Chaser Turbo Zord as well as the Wind Rescue Rescue Zord.